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Transforming Finance and Investment in Tanzania

Welcome to Archco, a financial advisory firm that helps both local and international investors find exciting opportunities in Tanzania and Africa. East Africa is a world of possibilities and we have over 11 years of experience connecting clients to new markets and developments.

Our services encompass a range of areas including portfolio management, investment advice and bond dealing, and you can rely on our expert team to grow, develop and maximise your capital. If you would like to learn more about the numerous opportunities that exist in Tanzania, contact Archco today.



Our Services


Corporate and Private Client Investment Advice

Our investment advisors will provide real insight into the Tanzanian markets that will enable you to capitalise on opportunities, grow your investments and achieve your targets. We'll provide close support throughout the year and give you tailored advice to put you in the strongest position, whatever the future holds.

Portfolio Management


We build and run portfolios that match your appetite for risk, and will manage these for a period of your choice.

Our fund managers will identify suitable opportunities in Tanzania and invest your money to ensure that you fulfil your long term goals.


Authorised Tanzanian Government Bond Buyers and Dealers

The Bank of Tanzania sells bonds periodically, however only authorised companies are allowed to bid on these. As an authorised company, Archco can purchase these bonds should you wish to invest in these.

International Bond Dealers


Archco manage investments and bonds for a number of private clients and institutional investors, and we can help you find opportunities both in Tanzania and Africa.


IPO Specialists

We have extensive experience helping a range of companies get listed. Our team will provide unrivalled support and authoritative advice to enable your company to take full advantage of the capital market.


Contact us today at Archco, to find out more about our financial services in Tanzania and Africa.

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Why Invest in Tanzania?

  • Tanzania is a long established democracy that is both stable and free from internal strife.
  • It is situated perfectly within easy access to East, South and Central Africa.
  • It is business friendly with low inflation and stable growth.
  • The constitution is strong and the rule of law is well entrenched.
  • English is spoken by the majority of the population.

 Financial Services  in Tanzania and Africa Why Invest?



 Financial Services  in Tanzania and Africa Why choose ARCHCO?

Why Choose Archco?

Unparalleled Experience

We have over 11 years of practise in Tanzania working with institutional investors, regulators and banks, and we are best placed to help investors looking to enter the market.

Real Understanding

Whether we are advising private clients or major companies, we always communicate in plain, simple English that is free from jargon. We are here to help you take advantage of everything that Tanzania has to offer.

Unmatched Services

We are one of the few sanctioned companies to deal with Tanzania's stock issues, which underlines our reputation in the market.




Authorised Dealing Member of the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange 

Authorised by Capital and Securities Authority as Nomads


 Authorised by Financial Services Authority as Nomads