Financial Services in Tanzania and Africa


Finding You Value in the Market

Corporate and Private Client Investment Advice

Our investment advisory team are here to help you if you want to manage your money but would like some support and guidance. We have abundant experience working in the Tanzanian and African markets and we'll give you real insight into new opportunities and changes in the market.

We'll work together with you to get a real understanding of your needs and objectives, and tailor our advice accordingly. Whatever happens in the market you'll always have all the information you need to make the right decision.



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Portfolio Management

Leave the running of your portfolio in our capable hands, and our investment managers will give you complete peace of mind. We'll understand your long term goals, your lifestyle and appetite for risk and design a bespoke portfolio that will capitalise on all a range of asset classes in Tanzania and Africa.

We'll use our discretion to make the right adjustments throughout the year, but always keep you informed of major changes that occur in the market and the economy. We'll draw upon our knowledge and expertise to ensure that whatever the future holds you will be prepared to take full advantage.

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Authorised Tanzanian Government Bond Buyers and Dealers

Tanzanian treasury bonds are excellent assets as they are low risk, easily transferable and provide excellent returns. These treasury bonds are auctioned at regular intervals throughout the year through an auction system, and can only be purchased by registered brokers. As an authorised dealer of treasury bonds, we can take full advantage of these assets.

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 International Bond Dealers

Bonds are an essential part of a diversified portfolio, and we assist both private clients and institutional investors in finding real value in the market. We trade and manage bonds for a number of major companies and can help you capitalise on opportunities in Africa and abroad. We'll find out your long term goals and lead you to the right assets that will enable you to achieve these.

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IPO Specialists

We have significant experience helping clients take their companies to the next level, in a range of industries including aviation, energy and minerals. Going public will enable you to access greater levels of funding but you will face more public scrutiny as a result. The process is a lengthy and complex one, but our IPO specialists will provide a clear framework and guide you through each stage seamlessly. We'll identify issues before they turn into major problems and ensure that your company is completely ready in all areas including operations, tax and legal.

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Is there a minimum amount I need to invest?

The amount needed to invest depends upon the price of the share you wish to buy. You have to buy a minimum of 100 shares.

How long do I need to invest my money?

As long as you want. You can buy today and sell tomorrow.

Is it possible for me to lose all of my money?

Yes, but only if the company is declared bankrupt and there are no assets left. This is very rare and we would let you know if we thought this could happen to a share you have bought.

What information do I need to open an account?

Passport Copy, Company registration documentations, Tax Identification Number, Address.

What kind of charges or fees are there to use your services?

We charge commission on each transaction and agree this with you in advance.

Do I need to pay tax on my profits?

Yes. If you make a profit buying and selling shares you have to declare that profit as part of your personal income. If you receive a Dividend payment on your shares a tax of 5% is automatically deducted . This is called Withholding Tax.

How regularly will I be updated on my investments?

Updates are given on a daily basis through DSE Website. We can provide you with monthly updates on prices and market information.

Can I choose how my money will be invested?

Yes, you can choose how you want to invest or you can leave it up to us to invest on your behalf. Either way, we will provide you with advice.